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Emmers Vol Liefde

It is a privilege for us to introduce our new charity organisation by the name of “Emmers Vol Liefde” or translated “Buckets full of love”. The main goal of this organisation is to offer assistance to families in need in the Mogale City area. Through our involvement in previous charity projects we found that there are several families in need due to limited incomes and therefore they are struggling daily to keep their heads above water. Our organisation does not only want to give to these families, but we want to get involved in a practical way in the daily lives of the families. We are already actively involved with families. In addition to this we are currently involved with two nursery schools with 100 needy children.

Our Story

We stared the organisation in 2010.  Betsie Stokes is involved in charity events for over the past 20 years.  It is my passion and calling.  I realize the need of families in Krugersdorp area, after involvement in a school project.  We assist needy children with clothes, shoes, make-up etc. for Farewell Party.  I visit their homes, and realize the families need more help and assistance than these events.  There are needs due to limit or no income and therefore they struggle daily to keep their heads above the water.  I decided to start my own organisation and to focus on needy families, children and elderly.  We want them to experience special love and care through our involvement.

Our Focus

Our focus is on needy families in the Krugersdorp area.  We believe that we can make a positive impact in the daily lives of these families.  We identify these families through our relationship with schools in our area, nursery schools, social workers etc.  Our involvement with these families start with a special visit to their homes to establish their needs, and where children are involved it gives us the opportunity to connect with them to identify their ages, school they are attend to, the size of clothes etc.  The main reason for our personal involvement is not only to give but to show care.  We currently actively involved with 35 families.  We take them food parcels once a month and during winter months we take them soup.  We supply them with clothes, blankets, furniture etc. We also arrange a Christmas party for the children and handed out presents.

In addition to this we currently involved with 2 Nursery schools with around 50 needy children.  We donate some clothes, shoes and toys to them.  We also handed out some sweet packets and toys to them. We collect stationery educational books for them.

Currently we are assisting 48 elderly persons in Krugersdorp with their various needs.  We supply food parcel regular to them.  During winter we take them soup etc.   We also donate some clothes to them. We have assisted them with wheelchairs and crutches etc.  We treat them on Mother’s day.

Our Mission & Funding

We want to make a positive difference in the lives of needy families. Our hearts go out especially to suffering children in these families. Our prayer is that they will experience love and care through our involvement and that they will realise that they are special to us and our Heavenly Father.


We do not receive any subsidies or grants from the Government or the Lotto and survive wholly on donations received from private individuals and companies.

Assistance Needed

You can assist Emmers Vol Liefde in some of the following areas. Any help will however be appreciated.


Help Emmers Vol Liefde by donating any non perishable food and soup ingredients for 200 people in need in the Krugersdorp area



Help Emmers vol liefde by donating clothes and blankets for 200 people in desperate need in the Krugersdorp area.


Child care

Help Emmers vol liefde by donating toys, colouring books, stationery etc. for our christmas project, we want to donate to children



Help Emmers vol liefde by donating all sizes of shoes for 200 needy people


Get in Touch. Get Involved.

Krugersdorp, Gauteng

Call Us: 082 684 9974

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